Healthcare Auditing Conference
December 7th-9th, 2016        Anaheim, California
Okay take away the castle, the princesses, the attractions, the iconic characters and go down the road a little bit to the Holiday Inn & Suites and
what do you have? The second “Happiest Place on Earth”…

MCHC’s Healthcare Auditing Conference

Are you ready to sharpen your skills and take your auditing game to the next level?
Do you want to earn CEUs to keep up your credentials and stay on the cutting edge of the latest trends in the world of auditing and compliance?
Then the MCHC Auditor’s Conference, located in Anaheim, California, December 7th-9th is just what the Doctor ordered.

Our Education Team has tirelessly gone over every bit of feedback submitted by students, instructors and healthcare professionals to put together
an agenda that addresses the current issues and concerns found in today’s field of auditing and compliance.

This event is perfect for the experienced CPCO, CPMA and CEMC, as well as the novice who is looking to branch out into other areas of the
coding profession.
Conference Agenda

December 7, 2016
8:00am           Registration Open
8:30am           Session: Why Audits Happen and what the Medical Office Should Do  (1 CEU)
9:30am           Session: Trouble in your office?  Corrective Action Techniques for Lazy Bone
10:30am         Break
10:45am         Session: Medical Record Chart Audit  (1 CEU)
11:45am         Lunch (not provided)
1:00pm          Session: Documentation Standards; Improving Clinical Documentation (1 CEU)
2:00pm          Session: E/M Services Documentation Guidelines 95 vs 97 (1 CEU)
3:00pm          Dismiss
3:15pm          Roundtable Discussion

December 8, 2016
8:00am          Session: Unbundling Prevention (1 CEU)
9:00am          Session: Risk areas in Your Compliance Plan (1 CEU)
10:00am        Break
10:15am        Session: Radiology Audit Ins and Outs (1 CEU)
11:15am        Lunch
1:00pm         Session: Audit Case Study Fun  (2 CEUs)
3:00pm         Dismiss
3:15pm         Roundtable Discussion

December 9, 2016
8:00am         Session: Carrier Audits; Pre, Post and Fraud and Abuse! (1 CEU)
9:00am         Session: RAC Audits; What should you know?  (1 CEU)
10:00am       Break
10:15am       Session: Legalities of the Auditing World (1 CEU)
11:15am       Lunch
1:00pm         Session: ICD-10 and the affect on the Auditing Community (2 CEUs)
3:00pm         Dismiss / See you next year!
Registration Fee:     

Concierge  $325     
Standard  $199

Concierge registration provides priority check-in,
reserved seating, daily gift bag (breakfast), Printed
presentations in a binder, use of a conference
blanket and much, much more!

Register online or call 855-226-3348

Seating is limited to the first 40 attendees.

All CEUs for this conference are approved for:
AAPC Approved for Continuing Education Units.  
Granting of this approval in no way constitutes
endorsement by the Academy of the program,
content or the program sponsor.”

Holiday Inn & Suites 1240 S. Walnut Street, Anaheim, CA 92802 US
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