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Pass the CPC Certification Exam after successful
completion of our course on the first or second attempt or
MCHC will refund the exam fee paid to the AAPC.  Click
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CPC Exam Prep Class

MCHC utilizes the AAPC Medical Coding Training (MCT) curriculum.  The curriculum reflects
industry standards and annual coding updates. MCHC developed tools that are incorporated
into the MCT curriculum to better assist the student giving them additional practice.

MCHC Provides multiple avenues to take this course either in a 10 week program, a 3-day Boot
Camp or an online course.  
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Course Fee: $989

Payment Plan Available:
Registration  $247.25
First night of Class  $297.25*
Midterm   $494.50

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*$50 Payment Plan Fee

Make sure you have current
version of these Coding Books:
  • CPT
  • ICD-10-CM

Coding books are not included
in the course fee.  Order your
books for only $225.00

Begin reviewing the guidelines
prior to class, You will be
ahead before you even start!

certification exam at least 4
Remember to register for your
weeks in advance.  
Ask your instructor on the first
night of class for a special
code for your AAPC
membership and certification

Membership and certification
exam fees are not included in
the course fee.

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CPC Exam Prep Course

We also offer our CPC Training Online and as a 3-day boot camp.  We will even visit you and
provide our 3-day boot camp training in your office!

CLICK HERE for more information regarding our Online Course

CLICK HERE for more information regarding our 3-day Boot Camp

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Onsite Services:  

We will visit your location to host our 3-day CPC Boot Camp.  Minimum of two (2)
participants and you provide the location.  Do you want your entire office (up to 10 people) to
attend a boot camp? Use our On-site Group Package, up to ten participants for a flat fee of
$3,688. Quality Education Made Affordable. Call 855-2-CODE-IT (855-226-3348) or Email
onsite@coderclass.com to check availability.