CPC Online Review Class

This class is a review class.  Areas are explored
were students may have difficulty with or where
coding conventions are applied.  Students will
have an opportunity to test the knowledge they
have gained with practical coding questions and
Operative Reports. While the current Operative
Reports used during the examination are relatively
shorter than those used in the review class, we
feel it is important to prepare the student for the
real word of coding.

Each coding book will be reviewed, CPT, HCPCS, and ICD-10-CM. These are the only
books that may be used during the examination.  

No additional text is required for this class.  Students should bring their ICD-10-CM, CPT
and HCPCS books. Book checks will be done so it is important to bring the books that will
be used during testing

Includes: Practice Exam to be completed online following the review class.

Course Fee:
The cost of the course includes the text material (Text material consist of Final exam and
Final exam with Answers).  
Fee       $295   

Access this online review class for 2 months.