Ethics in Medical Coding

Utilizing information from experienced teachers and outside sources, this class is aimed to
strengthen your knowledge in medical record auditing. We offer more resources than
other online programs to help you pass and succeed. Complete the course in less than 5

Course Includes:
•        Email questions directly to your assigned online coding mentor
•        Practice Activities
•        Exams

Complete the 13 Modules
Module 1: Defining Coding: The Accurate Reporting of Medical Services
Module 2: Ethics and the Importance of Ethical Systems
Module 3: Why Ethical Dilemmas Occur
Module 4: Coding, Ethics, and Third-Party Financing 100
Module 5: Coding Ethics for Evaluation and Management Services
Module 6: Coding Ethics for Surgical and Procedural Services
Module 7: Coding Ethics and Diagnoses
Module 8: ICD-10 and Coding Ethics
Module 9: Ethics and the Revenue Cycle
Module 10: Coding Ethics and Professional Certification
Module 11: Current Trends in Coding Ethics
Module 12: Avoiding Ethical Problems
Module 13: Resolving Ethical Problems When They Occur

Course Requirements:
Student must have access to the internet
Ethics in Medical Coding Textbook   ISBN: 978-0-07-337493-2 (Purchase new and use

Course Fee:
Online Ethics Course $ 295
Payment Plan available: Contact us for details!

Register TODAY!  New students can begin right away, once they return the online student
agreement. Modules can be completed in any time frame the student desires that works
with their schedule as long as the course is completed within 5 months from the date of
orientation.  Additional time request should be submitted to your Online Coding Mentor 30
days in advance*.