Healthcare Law & Ethics Online Training
Law and Ethics for Medical Careers, Fifth Edition, provides an overview of the laws and
within acceptable legal and ethical boundaries. The text can also serve as a guide to help
you resolve the many legal and ethical questions you may reasonably expect to face as a
student and, later, as a health care practitioner. The text features pertinent legal cases,
anecdotes, and sidebars related to health-related careers. Content has been updated and
special attention has been paid to legislation affecting health care.

This detailed online training course
identifies medical office vulnerabilities
and solutions for implementation of
office policies and procedures.  Nurture
an office culture of ethical boundaries
abiding by laws and guidelines set by
state and federal agencies as well as

Online course can be completed
within 3 - 5 months.  Additional time can
be purchased for $49.95 per month if

12 Modules:

Module 1:         Introduction to Law & Ethics
Module 2:         Working in Health Care
Module 3:         Law, the Courts, and Contracts
Module 4:         Professional Liability and Medical Malpractice
Module 5:         Defenses to Liability Suits
Module 6:         Medical Records and Informed Consent
Module 7:         Privacy Law and HIPAA
Module 8:         Physicians' Public Duties and Responsibilities
Module 9:        Workplace Legalities
Module 10:       The Beginning of Life and Childhood
Module 11:        Death and Dying
Module 12:        Health Care Trends and Forecasts

Required Text:
Law & Ethics for Medical Careers     ISBN:  0073402060  (not provided)

Course Fee:    $295
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