About MCHC

About MCHC
Medical Coding & Healthcare Compliance (MCHC) started in San Bernardino, California as a sole proprietorship
in 2005; today the parent company name has changed to Coderclass.com and has relocated to St. Augustine,

MCHC is a customer service driven company that can be separated into two divisions:                  
Education & Practice Management Solutions.  

MCHC provides top quality courses, seminars, and conferences created by a World-Class Education Team and
delivered by Master Instructors. We currently have students participating in our courses from all over the United
States and MCHC Healthcare conferences consistently sell-out coast to coast, as well as abroad.

All MCHC Curriculums and Conferences are AAPC Approved for Continuing Education, so you know that you
are getting the educational information you need to succeed in the medical coding industry.

Practice Management Solutions:
On September 1, 2010 we changed our motto to “Managing Medicine” to encompass all the areas of our
business today. While providing high quality education at an affordable rate is a large part of MCHC’s Mission,
we have also diversified ourselves in order to provide the following:

•Billing Services
•Compliance & Medical Records Auditing
•Coding Services
•Quality (we think even fun) Educational Services including CEUs
•Consulting Services (sometimes things require unique attention)

Coderclass.com, LLC, the parent company of MCHC employs a professional staff of billing, coding, auditing and
compliance experts, each in the top of their field. In addition several proven independent contractors are used to
assist us in meeting the needs of our clients.

The healthcare industry has and always will continue to see big changes and MCHC will be there to help you
every step of the way.