About MCHC

Medical Coding & Healthcare Compliance (MCHC) provides practice management
solutions. MCHC provides:

  • Quality (we think even fun)  Educational services including CEUs
  • Compliance and Medical Record Audits
  • Billing Services
  • Coding Services
  • Consulting Services (some things just require unique attention)

The Healthcare industry is ever changing, MCHC is ready to make the transition a
breeze. Explore our website for complete service details and see how MCHC can
enhance your practice and education training program

CoderClass.com, LLC the parent company employees professional staff in billing,
coding, auditing and compliance.  In addition, several independent contractors are
used to assist us in meeting the needs of our clients.

Starting in San Bernardino, California as a sole proprietorship in 2005, today the
parent company name has changed to CoderClass.com and the company
relocated to Saint Augustine, Florida.

Providing quality education at an affordable rate continues to be a large focus in
our business, although we have diversified into auditing, consulting and billing
services over the years.

September 1, 2010, our motto change to "Managing Medicine" to better reflect all
areas of our business today.  We assist clinical practitioners by managing the
operations side of medicine.  The health care industry has and will continue to see
big changes.  We are ready to assist and ensure our clients are compliant and
receiving their revenue.  We are ready to provide our students with the best
education without breaking the bank.

We hope that you will attend one of our events or select one of our services.
While there are many choices out there, we are confident we rank in the top!

CoderClass.com, LLC is not a diploma mill, college or trade school, but a working,
medical coding, billing, auditing and compliance continuing education and
consulting company. In conjunction with the Professional Medical Coding
Curriculum published by the American Academy of Professional Coders and the
Comprehensive Coding Curriculum published by the Healthcare Auditors &
Coders United Association, we develop and write all our own content to
compliment the mentioned curriculum.