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Boot Camp
Add-On Online (current CPC)
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Boot Camp            Online               Onsite            
Other Training
With an ever changing environment, the health care industry requires skilled and certified professionals. We offer training in many formats.  
Contact our office (855-226-3348) for more information about onsite training or to have a customized training for your organization.
CA Healthcare Conference                     18 CEUs
TN Healthcare Conference                     18 CEUs
Healthcare Compliance Conference        15 CEUs
Gatlinburg Healthcare Adventure             15 CEUs
Coding on the Sea                                    15 CEUs
Medical Coders are in demand.  Certified coders have demonstrated their competency through rigorous training and
a national examination. Choose the certification program that is right for you!  
CPC (Certified Professional Coder)
program is our most popular program.  We offer
CPC classroom courses, CPC boot camps, CPC online courses,
onsite CPC training.  COC (Certified Outpatient Coder) is also a popular course preparing coders for entry into
the outpatient hospital world of coding. This training program is offered both
online and a boot camp.  Onsite COC
training is also available.   All ready a CPC certified coder and want to obtain your COC?  We offer a unique
opportunity to train for your COC with our
COC Add-on Online Course.
Medical Auditors provide necessary services in medical offices, billing companies, hospitals and in many more
capacities. Earning the CPMA designation is important regardless if you are working as an auditor as an
employee or going solo as a consultant.   Our training program is among the most comprehensive in the
industry.  Join our
Online CPMA course, a CPMA Boot Camp or invite us into your office for our Onsite CPMA
training. Many CPC coders obtain their CPMA as they continue to build their resume as they climb the
administrative ladder.
Healthcare compliance became mandatory as a component to be enrolled in federal healthcare
programs.  This requirement has left a gap in the industry of qualified and trained compliance
professionals.  The CPCO (Certified Professional Compliance Officer) certification seeks to help
individuals close the gap and allow for further advancement in their career and the organization.   
MCHC has developed a rigorous training program with our
CPCO Boot Camp, CPCO Online
Course and through our Onsite CPCO Training.
Quick Reference
Documentation Experts provide needed review of medical records to validate the accuracy of
coding, clinical documentation and quality measures.  The CDEO certification administered by the
AAPC provides validation of competency in the areas of clinical documentation, quality of care
measures and documentation improvement. MCHC has created the most comprehensive training
program for clinical documentation with our
CDEO Online Training.